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Anonymous asked: Can you put up more links or whatever? I wanna see more videos.

I’m puttin up more! you’ll like..

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Porn Review of Gianna Michaels in Manhandled #3

Gianna Michaels In Manhandled #3   

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Summary: Gianna Michaels wakes up after up after a one night stand and tries to sneak out while Steve Holmes is still asleep. But Steve wakes up and pins Gianna to the bed and hes not done with her. He starts to fuck her missionary, then she sucks his dick, and then he titty fucks her. As soon as Steve fucks her while grabbing her throat, Gianna starts thrusting back on to him like crazy. They rapidly switch from fucking in many different positions to oral, for the rest of the video until Steve bricks in Gianna’s mouth.

Review: This is one of the best rough and enjoyable scenes I have ever scene. Steve just takes control of Gianna and fucks her like mad, while Gianna rebels back by fucking him harder then submitting to him. Gianna has probably one of the best personalities in porn, and you can  see it in all different aspects through out Manhandled 3. Another thing I love is Gianna’s tits just fly all over the place every time Steve is fucking her. The camera man gets some great shots, constantly putting the camera on the eye candy. the best shot is when Steve is sitting on top of Gianna titty fucking her, while the morning sun is hitting Gianna’s chest. 

Rating: 10/10

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Some skinny bastard fucking some chick with gigantic tits (I believe  she is a Scottish prostitute). you get a good view of them saying back and forth, then a view of the chicks reaction as shes taking it from behind. 

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